Tracelink Lunch Menus


Tracelink February 2018

Hi friends! We are excited about our upcoming lunches for your office, and we hope that you are as well. You can use this page to see what great lunches we have planned for the upcoming month.


(GF = Gluten Free / V = Vegetarian / VN = Vegan)

Friday 2/2: Chicken Pot Pie:

-Chicken Pot Pie

-Vegetable Pot Pie

-Fruit Salad

-Garden Salad w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette

-Freshly Baked Cookies

Monday 2/5: Mediterranean Lunch:

-Warm Orzo Salad with sausage & grilled rapini 

-Warm Orzo Salad with grilled rapini (V)

-Grilled Chicken (GF)

-Fattoush Salad (V)

-Hummus (VN/GF)


-Marinated Olives (VN/GF)

-Homemade Pita Chips & Grilled Pita Bread (VN)

Tuesday 2/6: Taco Tuesday:

-Flour Tortillas (VN)

-Corn Tortillas (VN/GF)

-Pulled & Roasted Chicken (GF)

-Pork Carnitas (GF)

-Spanish Rice (VN)

-Black Beans (VN/GF)

-Calabacitas (VN/GF)

-Pico de Gallo (VN/GF)

-Salsa Verde (VN/GF)

-Tropical Salsa (VN/GF)

-Homemade Crema (V/GF)

-Tomato Chipotle (VN/GF)

-Shredded Lettuce (VN/GF)

-Monterey Cheese & Queso Fresco (V/GF)

-Fried Corn Chips (VN/GF)

-Homemade Hot Sauce (VN/GF)

-Homemade Guacamole (VN/GF)

Monday 2/12: Lasagna Lunch:

-Homemade Meat Lasagna

-Homemade Vegetarian Lasagna

-Italian Chopped Salad & Garden Salad

-Garlic Bread

-Freshly Baked Cookies

Tuesday 2/13: "Thanksgiving" Dinner:

-Roasted Turkey Breast w/ giblet gravy

-Whipped Sweet Potatoes w/ maple syrup

-Creamy Mashed Potatoes

-Roasted Brussel Sprouts

-Herb Stuffing

-Citrus Cranberry Sauce

-Dinner Rolls

-Seasonal Salad & Garden Salad

Tuesday2/20: Burritos:

-Chicken, Pork, and Vegetarian Burritos

-Gluten Free Meals Available

-Pico de Gallo

-Tropical Salsa

-Housemade Crema

-Fried Corn Tortilla Chips

-Caesar & Garden Salads

-Churros with Chocolate Dipping Sauce

Monday 2/26: Pure & Simple Salad Bar:

-Mixed Greens & Romaine Lettuce (VN/GF)

-Grilled Chicken (GF)

-Marinated Tomatoes (VN/GF)

-Cucumbers (VN/GF)

-Broccoli (VN/GF)

-Quinoa (VN/GF)

-Spring Noodle Salad (VN)

-Homemade Pita Chips & Grilled Pita Bread (VN)

-Balsamic Roasted Beets (VN/GF)

-Carrots (VN/GF)

-Shredded Cheese (V/GF)

-Roasted Mushrooms (VN/GF)

-Hard Cooked Egg (V/GF)

-Crumbled Bacon (GF)

-Buttery Croutons (V)

-Red Onion (VN/GF)

-Sunflower Seeds (VN/GF)

-Vinaigrette & Creamy Salad Dressings

Tuesday 2/27: Fried Chicken Menu:

-Honey Stung Fried Chicken

-Mac n Cheese (V)

-Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits (V)

-Corn on the Cob (VN/GF)

-Whipped Sweet Butter (V/GF)

-Garden Salad (VN/GF)

-Caesar Salad (V/GF)

-Creamy Mashed Potatoes (V/GF)

-Watermelon Slices & Fresh Berries (VN/GF)